Website Platform (Multi Page Website)
All websites start with our entry level offering called the website platform. It is on this platform that we build and develop your website. The website platform starts with a number of key features as detailed below.

  • Unlimited editable content pages 
  • Contact form and legal page
  • Access to online content management
  • Search engine keyword optimisation
  • Website visitor statistics
  • Free technical support

Setup Fee: $1550.00
Subscription Fee: $55.00 per month 
Custom Fee: Quotation Required - for graphic design, content entry etc.

Unlimited Editable Content Pages
Edit your own website content. No programming experience is required, our system allows you to create and edit your sites content, just like using Word. Choose your font, size and colour, set styles bold, italic, underline, adjust text justification, insert images, build tables, create links to email, download files, pages on your website and other sites. Just some of the many features our content management console can provide to help maintain your website.

Access to Online Content Management
Access our website console and take control of your website. Choose your layout, colour scheme, style images or add template pages to your website - as simple or sophisticated as you require.

Contact Form
The contact form on the website will collect the users name, phone, email* and message. Once submitted the message will be forwarded to a nominated email address and the page re-directed to a thank you page.

Legal Page
This page details a Terms of Use and Privacy Policy regarding the collection of viewer’s information from the website and the terms and conditions for viewing it. Additional content can be appended to this page as required.

Search Engine Keyword Optimisation
Keywords can be listed in the source code of your website. Many search-engines reference these keywords and use the information to index your pages in their databases. When your website is listed by a search engine your description will be displayed. This is not a guaranteed solution to get top of the pile results on a search engine but will improve your websites ranking.

Website Visitor Statistics
View reports by last 7 or 30 days, previous week or month, or entire site history. View total number of visits, number of unique visitors, new visitors and repeat visitors to your site.

Technical Support
When you purchase your website we will provide you with all the assistance you need to get your site up and running. Our team is on call to address any problems or questions you may have regarding your website. Please contact us by email on

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