Pop3 Email Accounts

Our email package gives you 5 mail accounts to designate in any way you want, such as you@yourdomain.com.au, or sales@yourdomain.com.au. You can download the email from GoGlobal to your favourite email software (such as Microsoft Outlook) or view it through our WebMail application online.

  • 5 Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Aliases
    Email aliases aren't email accounts with their own mail accounts, but pointers to email accounts. For example, you can create an email alias called manager@your-domain.com and point it to john.smith@your-domain.com, which has a mailbox. Email aliases are useful when your real email account changes - you can just point your alias to the new address - or if you want to receive mail from many generic addresses.
  • Catchall Email Address
    An email address that you designate to "catch" all incoming emails that have no valid recipient. For example, if your email address is john.smith@your-domain.com but someone sends a message to jonsmith@your-domain.com, which doesn't exist, you will still receive the email. The original sender will not receive an error that his or her email has bounced.
  • 100MB per Mailbox Quota
    This is the amount of data you can hold on the server for each of your mail accounts. Frequently downloading mail using POP mail accounts will help keep you under your quota as after you download the mail to your email client, it is deleted from the server.
  • Webmail
    Webmail allows you to check your email through any internet connection using a web browser.
  • Anti-Spam
    All GoGlobal email services come with Spam Assassin, which filters and removes spam before it hits your inbox.
  • Anti-Virus
    All GoGlobals email services include enterprise grade, server-side anti-virus protection with the latest virus definitions updated hourly. We virus scan your email, before it reaches your email mailbox.

Setup Fee: NA
Subscription Fee: NA
Custom Fee: $110.00 per year

Note: Additional accounts can be purchased in lots of 5 if more are required

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