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Domain Name Registration

The Client confirms that the information supplied is correct and they authorise GoGlobal to apply for the domain name on their behalf, understanding that acceptance of the domain name is at the discretion of the provider and their ability to assess the claim. The Client accepts responsibility for any fee incurred in registering the domain as quoted by GoGlobal. GoGlobal will secure a domain name e.g. (www.yourname.com) for the Client at the Client’s request. If the Client already has a domain name, GoGlobal will assist in redirecting the address to the new host server, if applicable.

By applying for a domain name, you the Client:

  • Warrant that all the information and supporting documents provided to GoGlobal, are true and accurate to the best of your knowledge;
  • Give GoGlobal permission to contact third parties, investigate, request and obtain additional information and documentation, and otherwise verify information provided to GoGlobal and;
  • Waive liability on the part of GoGlobal for its actions in verifying the information provided and on the part of any third parties who provide truthful, material, relevant information about you;
  • Waive liability on the part of GoGlobal if your application is accepted or rejected on the basis of any false or misleading information provided to GoGlobal;
  • Acknowledge that if your application is accepted on the basis of any false or misleading information provided, auDA (the .au Domain Administration Ltd) reserves the right to cancel your domain name licence at any time; and
  • Acknowledge that your entitlement to a domain name may be challenged by a third party with legitimate rights to the domain name.
  • Acknowledge that GoGlobal cannot guarantee that the domain name you have applied for will be available for registration.
  • Domain name fees and renewal fees will be charged either directly, or to the Client’s GoGlobal bill from time to time. If these are not paid as and when they fall due, then the domain name may no longer be available to the Client.
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