Pricing Structure

Typically, developers charge a high upfront fee to develop a sophistcated website. Also you will then be charged for ongoing updates and improvements, even just to change a few words or pictures here or there. In addition, your ISP will then also charge an ongoing hosting fee to keep your website pages on their servers.

Instead, GoGlobal charges a low nominal setup fee, along with a moderate ongoing subscription fee. This gives you access to the various components of functionality that you have selected from the range available on our website platform.

This means that you get a lot of great functionality within your budget. It allows us to constantly improve the components you have subscribed to, keeping them up to date, without you paying unexpected high upgrade costs later on.

The costing for the provision of your website has a range of fees associated with it. A description of each fee type is detailed below.

Setup Fee
This is a once off fee charged to enable a specific product on our server. It covers the setup, configuration and in some instances client training of the product ready to use. 

Subscription Fee
This fee is charged monthly via direct debit or annually for ongoing access to a specific product on our online system.

Service Fee
Sometimes additional fees will be charged for third party products and services or specifically requested labor related activities such as content entry or graphic design. This is charged on an hourly rate where required or set price structure and always quoted prior to the work commencing.

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